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6 Winter Roofing Tips for Homeowners in Georgia

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Leroy Whitt

Winter in Georgia is a lot different than winter in the Midwest. But even though our winters are much milder than other parts of the county, we still see a drop in temperatures and, sometimes, even a little bit of snow in the winter.

As a Georgia (or another southern state) homeowner, you don’t need to take extreme measures to prep your roof for the winter, but if you want to keep your roof functioning well for as long as possible, you should still put in some maintenance and care.

This comprehensive guide will cover 6 winter roofing tips for living in the South.

1) Gutter Guards Are Your Friend

winter roofing gutter guard

Your gutters are one of the unsung heroes of your complete roofing system. They may feel a little out of sight and out of mind at times, but properly working gutters help direct water away from your roof and foundation. This system helps prevent water from pooling under your shingles or metal panels.

Clogged gutters can quickly cause issues. So, before winter strikes, consider installing gutter guards if you haven’t already. Gutter guards help prevent leaves, debris, and winter ice from getting trapped in the gutter and causing clogs. (They are particularly helpful in autumn when leaves and twigs fall quickly.)

Whether or not you get gutter guards installed, you should be sure to clean out your gutters at least twice a year. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this task yourself, you can hire a roofing contractor or gutter cleaning service to complete it for you.

2) Consider Downspout Insulation

Did you know you can insulate your downspouts? You learn something new every day.

Even though temperatures usually sit in the 50s in Georgia winters, we can still reach lows in the 30s. If there was recent rainfall, you don’t want the water to freeze inside your gutters and downspouts. This can cause a backup, which can ultimately cause issues for your roof.

You can buy a simple foam insulation tube to wrap around your downspouts in the winter. This tube helps prevent water from freezing inside the pipes.

3) Schedule a Roof Inspection in Fall

winter roofing getting roof inspection in fall time

As a part of your homeowner’s maintenance checklist, you should ideally schedule professional roof inspections once a year. At the bare minimum, have a professional take a look every 2-3 years if there haven’t been any major storms.

As you plan ahead for your annual roof inspection, consider scheduling it in the fall months before the winter temperatures set in. This will allow your roofing contractor to catch and fix any issues before the colder weather sets in.

4) Roofing Service Is Still Possible Above 40 Degrees

In colder climates, most roofing service takes a major step back in the winter. This is because performing roofing work in freezing temperatures or snowy and icy conditions is quite dangerous.

Here in Georgia, we don’t see freezing temperatures too often. While many other resources on the internet will say that roofing services aren’t possible in the winter, those resources are, more often than not, referring to regions with more extreme winters.

As long as the temperature remains around 40 degrees or higher, roofing service is still plausible. So, if you develop a roof leak, notice a blown-off shingle in your yard, or have any other roofing issue, you should still call your preferred local roofing contractor right away. It’s vital to fix those issues as soon as possible, so they don’t worsen into larger, more expensive issues.

5) Improve Your Attic Insulation & Ventilation

When the temperatures start to drop, you still want your home to feel comfortable. If you want to prevent your energy bills from soaring (who doesn’t?), your attic should be your main focus. Make sure your roofing contractor inspects your roof and attic ventilation during their comprehensive inspection.

You should have adequate roof ventilation with any combination of the following vents:

  • Soffit vents
  • Roof ridge vents
  • Box vents
  • Turbine vents

Beyond better energy efficiency, proper roof ventilation also helps prevent condensation and accumulating moisture on your roof. This ultimately helps keeps roof leaks at bay.

Similarly, attic insulation is a major contributor to a well-functioning roof. Having enough insulation keeps your home and roof regulated, even when outside temperatures fluctuate. In the rare case of snow and ice accumulation in Georgia, proper insulation and ventilation will prevent the ice from causing issues.

6) Leave the Snow Alone (Unless There’s a Georgia Miracle)

Georgia only gets a total of 1-3 inches of snow on average each year. It makes sense that you may feel a little nervous when there is snowfall since it’s a rare occurrence.

However, just leave the snow on your roof after a snowfall. Don’t try to rake it off or get on a ladder to attempt to remove it. A well-installed roof will be able to handle a small amount of snow, and it should shed off naturally as it melts. Plus, your well-insulated attic will help move the water along.

The only time roof raking is suggested is when over a foot of wet, heavy snow accumulates on the roof. We don’t foresee this ever happening in Georgia, but we suppose nothing is impossible! For now, just let your roof do its thing whenever there is a small amount of snowfall.

On the other hand, if less than an inch of snow has caused a roof leak, call a trusted roofer right away. Depending on the age of your roof, you’ll either need roof repairs or a total replacement.

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